Information Board

SYMA information and notice board cabinets offer the complete spectrum of information and presentation possibilities.

These products ensure that all notices are plainly visible, in the right place, easily updateable and well protected. We offer a wide variety of options ranging from our standard models through to custom and complex special solutions. The cabinets are based on a sturdy aluminium structure. The light metal profiles are available in either rectangular or round form. The freely selectable rear panels are designed for various applications. You can choose between mirror, magnet or cork rear panelling, either for magnets or pins. The notice board cabinets are available with hinged or sliding glass doors. All doors are lockable. To add a touch of creativity, you are able to choose between different surface finishes. With surface finishes such as anodizing, liquid coating or powder coating, our notice board cabinets can be adapted to your environment. The glazing options include acrylic glass, float glass and safety glass.

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