"LED meets textile"

SYMA-TEXWALL is a newly designed concept for a modular wall system.

With aluminum sections, frames or three-dimensional shapes can be formed or expanded using corner and butt connectors in almost no time. By using special stretchable and printable textiles, extraordinary decorative and large-scale murals can be created. It even allows outside corners with no interruption in the visual design. The newly developed lighting concept is based on an LED lens that fully backlights the textile area. This produces a perfectly illuminated, highly radiant surface with absolutely no shadows. The advertising message to be conveyed practically jumps out at the viewer. That is why it is not just great for exhibition use, but also for shop and interior design. The SYMA-TEXWALL wall system with a depth of 90mm can also be easily integrated with other systems, such as SYMA-MOLTO 90 or SYMA-CUBIC.

System Overview

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