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SYMA-SKY is a multifunctional beam system for ceilings.

SYMA-SKY is a multifunctional beam system for ceilings. In combination with various slide-in sections, the main supports supply all the visual and technical features necessary for the creation of a load-bearing ceiling construction. The three different slide-in sections, which are optionally equipped with a simple system groove and take the form of either a SYMA power rail or a bearing section for EURO power rails, can be easily integrated in the main supports at lightning speed. Naturally, power-conducting cables can also be integrated into the supports. The proven SYMA quick-hook connector makes the whole system extremely quick and easy to assemble.

With the high load-bearing capacity of the crossbeam support and with the force-fit connections, large distances can be spanned and additional loads of up to 79 kg per running meter can be borne. A single central load of up to 314 kg can also be accommodated. Compatibility with existing systems is guaranteed. And with the section's 8 x 8 mm grooves, even SYMA's comprehensive range of accessories can be used. The supports can also be completely covered, so they can be used as fascia to make a good impression from a distance. Are you looking to give your ceiling construction a calm exterior? No problem – ceiling areas can naturally also be filled with stretchable and printable textiles.

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