SYMA stands for museum facilities of the highest standard.

Our name has become a worldwide byword for high quality facilities that are “Swiss Made”. Ranging from simple standard and full-glass vitrines, through sophisticated partition systems, right to comprehensive exhibition concepts – the variety of existing possibilities guarantees you, as exhibit organizer, a virtually unlimited range of options.

Individual Showcases

We make available to our customers a comprehensive range of furnishings and presentation equipment that even covers special needs.

Our many years of experience and manufacturing on our own premises with the materials, glass, metal and wood, as well as in the areas of security, lighting and climate technology, establish us as a competent partner.

SYMA continuously develops new solutions for contemporary exhibit technology, with ideas that arise from the special subjects of the exhibits.

We will assist you in the planning and realization of the showcases, as well as their illumination and security. We will manufacture your vitrines according to your wishes as full glass or profile-structure showcase with any kind of opening.

Air-Conditioned Showcases

Showcases present exhibits in the best possible way. At the same time, the respective conservation factors must also be taken into consideration. Valuable, endangered art objects must be adapted to the climate management measures in the modern facilities where they are housed.

The different stringent demands on the protection of the exhibits can be satisfied through various measures. Making use of modern air conditioning solutions, it is possible to install virtually any kind of climate management measures in showcases to meet the widest range of needs.

We offer state-of-the-art technologies for the air conditioning of the showcases. Ranging from simple control of climate using ProSorb technology, right to the use of air conditioning equipment.

Do you have questions, requests or suggestions?

We will gladly advise you to find the right solution for your project.

Create and realise

What do you want to achieve? What are your objectives? We take a focused and systematic approach to create your event or trade fair concept. We have the industry knowledge and the inspiration to realise that design. Our creativity goes hand in hand with tailoring to your objectives for value, efficiency and cost-sensitivity. The trade fair setting is one thing, and enlivening it is quite another. Our constant motivation at SYMA is to make you more successful.

Let yourself be inspired!