That something extra...

Your stand should stand out! Your existing customers should be surprised and new, potential ones impressed.
Stand out against your competitors by using modern multimedia, light and sound technology and make your participation in the trade fair a distinctive experience in itself.

An elegantly built-in display with your company or product film, an interactive game, or a show programme customised to highlight your firm – we can certainly provide you with a solution tailor-made to attract your target audience and fit within your budget.

Do you have questions, requests or suggestions?

We will gladly advise you to find the right solution for your project.

Create and realise

What do you want to achieve? What are your objectives? We take a focused and systematic approach to create your event or trade fair concept. We have the industry knowledge and the inspiration to realise that design. Our creativity goes hand in hand with tailoring to your objectives for value, efficiency and cost-sensitivity. The trade fair setting is one thing, and enlivening it is quite another. Our constant motivation at SYMA is to make you more successful.

Let yourself be inspired!