SYMA benefits from a high degree of acceptance around the globe. This trust is based on proven Swiss Quality as binding seal of approval, but also on the guiding principle of meeting high ecological and economic requirements with “added value solutions”.

Regardless in which country a customer would like to realize a project – SYMA makes contact with long-standing partners, and obtains quick and efficient solutions at a fair ratio of price to value. The worldwide network of resources provides the client with the opportunity of achieving his/her goals, even globally, using only one contact.


SYMA is at home in over 50 countries around the world, and is accelerating the pace of internationalization increasingly. In the meanwhile it has even achieved the position of market leader in China. SYMA meets other cultures with openness and exploits the synergies, which always rewards its customers with the best possible benefits.

The powerful market presence guarantees that the development foundations are executed in conformance to the market. The ongoing exchange of experience with franchise partners, recycling agents and consumers, has a positive effect on the innovative strength of SYMA.