Reishauer Group
at EMO in Hanover

Around 117,000 production experts from 150 countries visited EMO 2019 this year during the six days of the fair.

No wonder, then, that this platform is of vital significance to our customer Reishauer, the world's leading technology provider for gear grinding.

The 600 m2 exhibition stand (17 m x 35 m) showcased the company's latest developments and innovations in gear grinding machines.

All exhibits were deliberately placed at the edges of the stand, leaving the centre of the stand exclusively available as a meeting and networking area.

The stand concept was completely planned in a modular system and executed as an absolutely bespoke creation. A very good overall level of sustainability was achieved.

The futuristic architectural design is reminiscent of a missile. The two 'wings' were constructed without supports and without being suspended from the ceiling, which was not permitted in this hall. Thanks to this construction method, the entire external surfaces remained free for the placement of Reishauer and Felsomat exhibits.