Abacus and Vendomat
at Igeho 2017

Abacus is an owner-operated Swiss software company. For more than three decades now the company has been successfully developing business software for SMEs.

Together with the firm Vendomat AG – an innovative partner for standardized, integrated solutions in cash systems, bar controls, web-based systems, and software for table reservations that enjoys success in the German-speaking Swiss market – they organized a joint presentation at Igeho 2017 in Basel.

In an exhibition space of roughly 88 sqm new products and innovations were presented for the gastronomy operation of today. The overall presentation was designed around the AbaClock brand world. That is why the colors orange and white could be found throughout the entire stand. For the presentation the SYMA-XWALL system was used. Thanks to the curved elements and the downlight spots fitted in the ceiling elements it was possible to produce a dynamic, generously spaced and inviting exhibition stand.

The feedback we received from Abacus regarding the Igeho presentation was positive. We are pleased with this success and grateful for the trust placed in us.