Swiss Museum
of Transport

SEE YOU – see and be seen

Anyone who enters the refurbished Road Traffic Hall in the Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne will not be able to miss the magical world of the SEE YOU mirrors and reflections of the bfu – Swiss Council for Accident Prevention. The unique, modern labyrinth of mirrors makes the subject “See and be seen” an experience for young and old alike.

The installation is set up on uniform hexagons and covers an area of 85m2. Visitors can move freely within in and find out about the world of mirrors and many other interactive stations. Visitors will come across various road users, which are loosely distributed throughout. Rotating mirror components continuously create changing spatial and light conditions.

This unique experience has been developed by SYMA together with LOOSLI & ZEHNDER. Based on the modular components of the SYMA-SYSTEM, 68 mirrors were incorporated into the design. They include a mirror service door, which opens automatically, spy mirror components and a revolving triangular pillar, also made of mirrors. An important part of the new attraction was the integration of the floor as well as the ceiling made of diffuse acrylic and fitted with the latest LED lighting. They appear to be multiplied like a kaleidoscope and increase the illusion of an enormous, labyrinth-like setting.

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