New Showroom
in Hilden

New SYMA-SYSTEM GmbH showroom in Hilden

At its Hilden site SYMA has set up a new showroom to showcase its system technology for exhibition stand construction. Proven specialists are on hand to help navigate the design process and assist customers in finding their own individual solutions. In an area of more than 100m2 the showroom houses various exhibition stand construction applications and an extensive assortment of materials and cladding types.

Visitors can view a one-to-one multi-level solution in the form of a 16m2 SYMA-CUBIC stage, with a load capacity of 500kg per square meter. Integrated in the concept is a complete stairway to the upper level, including surrounding railing, providing the perfect safety barrier for an exhibition environment. Also, generously showcased are many of the newest product innovations, with all of the technology's many facets. An application of SYMA-TEXWALL can be seen in an area of more than 27m2 with unmatched, full-surface LED backlighting. Just under the ceiling SYMA-SKY soars to a height of 6 meters. Square and rounded setups of SYMA-XWALL and technical and covered setups of SYMA-MOLTO are also on hand.

With advance notice the showroom is open Monday to Friday. Please arrange for an appointment. A visit is definitely worth it for stand builders, shop fitters, interior decorators or shop designers.