One framework for all dimensions

New and with unparalleled flexibility – cleverly designed for efficient exhibition use. SYMA-XWALL 60flex is easy to disassemble and can be instantly assembled again in any new way you desire. A variety of frame and curve formats up to 6 x 6 meters in size are possible. Because it can be disassembled, the design of SYMA-XWALL 60flex is space-saving for transport and storage. A milestone for exhibitions and events.

Storage problems a thing of the past
SYMA-XWALL 60flex eliminates storage problems and the familiar complications that can arise with frames that are rigid, bulky and require enormous amounts of space. This allows large storage and transport volumes to be reduced. SYMA’s solution satisfies in every way, because the corner connector makes disassembling the frames and putting them together again differently child’s play. With SYMA-XWALL 60flex even oversize frames can be realized and easily transported. The same applies to bulky frames and curved elements.

Benefits of modular system enhanced even more
Because of their versatility and their virtually seamless walling, frame systems are a very popular kind of modular system for exhibition stand construction. With the advanced design of the profile technology, exhibition structures with an appearance that perfectly suits individual needs can be set up very quickly and economically. The frames can be covered on both sides with a wide variety of materials, such as wood, glass, plastic, metal or textiles.

SYMA-XWALL 60flex’s corner connectors come in two different designs, with either the bolt lock or alternatively the new and high-efficiency compact lock. The customer decides how the system is to be used, and whether he wants to store and transport the frame in assembled condition, or go with the disassembled, space-saving option.

Quick and robust:
the bolt lock

The corner connector with bolt lock has proven itself in use as connector system over many years. With its extremely robust connection it guarantees the best strength along with quick assembly. The bolt with countersink is inserted into the threaded bushing of the system connector. While screwing in, the tapered set screw presses against the countersink, producing a form-locked join. The forces are channeled symmetrically through the threaded bushing into the profile walls. The bushing is secured with a retainer to protect it against loss. The corner connector with bolt lock is compatible with other systems and so it is ideal for expanding the SYMA-XWALL 60flex frame.

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Ingenious mechanism:
the compact lock

The top of the line is the corner connector with the compact lock. Completely redesigned by SYMA, its ingenious mechanism is very impressive. The lock is compact and can be easily inserted and removed at any time. To tighten this innovation the eccentric bushing is turned 180°. The individual latches which engage behind the groove of the corner connector produce a force-locked connection.  This way the frame’s individual parts can be assembled as you like into new and individual dimensions to suit your needs.

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All-rounder with comprehensive range of accessories

A large range of accessories is available for SYMA-XWALL that is ideal for trade fair, exhibition and shop construction. Existing accessories can continue to be used without restrictions, and are excellent for door elements, LED frames, shelving, adjustable legs and other exhibition elements. The SYMA-XWALL assortment leaves no wish ungranted – every possible need has been accounted for. Technical equipment for securing and fastening as well as spare parts are available too. SYMA-XWALL is the all-rounder.

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