Simple internal corner solution for SYMA-WALL coverings

The SYMA-WALL modular wall covering system is the innovative way of creating tailor-made modular designs. With the additional plastic clip-on profiles, the SYMA-SYSTEM 30 base system can be completely covered and therefore disappears into the background. The panel elements are fixed in place with Velcro. With the new solution for internal corners, the construction is even simpler and does away with the need for additional sister profiles on the basic structure.

SYMA-WALL transforms an ultra-simple system design into a bespoke architectural creation. The system structure is no longer visible as it is flush mounted and completely covered with wall surfaces. Solid panels made of wood, plastic or glass can be employed for the covering. The use of textile materials with push-on keder is also possible with the corresponding SYMA-WALL profiles.

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