SYMA sample order

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Order free sample sets of our exciting new ideas for exhibition stand construction, shop fitting and interior design.

Uniform lighting for the entire display area:
These LED long-arm spotlights with an 18W/230V, 4200K output are quick to install and put your products and advertising messages centre stage.
The lamps can easily be coupled.

Tensile strength of 10kN and flexible in terms of use, e.g. for suspending screens and eye-catchers. The newly developed double-shell console is reusable and can be easily retrofitted. It is compatible with any 8/8 mm system groove in the SYMA profile range. The device can be locked in any position by means of a set screw, which simplifies assembly.

New design possibilities. Your brand presence can now stretch around and over the corner, inside and out. Thanks to our new aluminium corner profiles and additional rubber edge filling profiles, SYMA-XWALL flex expands the design possibilities for textile coverings

Facelift for our proven basic exhibition stand construction system. With the new series of canvas profiles, it is possible to create large-scale textile-covered communication and advertising surfaces. The flexible SYMA-SYSTEM 30 offers reliable structural support and disappears completely behind a continuous textile covering. A comprehensive range of accessories is available to meet the most diverse requirements.

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